Taylor and Will

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Our Story

Hello everyone!

Taylor and I met March of my sophomore year, and her junior year college. We spent the next couple weeks getting to know one another and see if this was something worthwhile. After a concert we attended in Auburn I took Taylor on our 1st date. The summer following my sophomore year and her junior year, Taylor came and visited Greensboro and I went and visited Nashville. Meeting the parents went well and we realized we had something special! We love to be outside together going on a walk or cooking a good meal and we spent many evenings doing so. Taylor was eager to take the next step but I was taking my time. In April of this year Taylor and I went hiking at one of our favorite places and I got down on one knee and asked her to marry me. Since then we've been planning our wedding, excited for October 12th to come! We hope you can all be a part of our special day!

Will and Taylor
Leah Bisch